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oh! it will work very good with the indiepad! Is it on indiexpo?

It is not, sorry. Just here as the jam was hosted here. Will keep that in mind for the future though :)

Lovely aesthetic, may lacks a little bit of a music :) 

Otherwise, I don't know if it's a bug or if it is intentional, but the variable jump height is really tricky to use, but overall the controls are really smooth :)

Good job !

Yep, music and sound is definitely something we wanted but didn't make time for in the jam unfortunately. Jumping and controls in general will be ironed out to work better in future projects. Thanks for the feedback!

It's nice to see someone who made his game also in Java. I really like the pixel art of this game, but there's a problem with scaling on 4k monitor. The game widnow is just really small...

Thanks for letting us know, we will make sure we take that into consideration in the future.  And thank you for the kind words!

I wasn't able to replicate after the first try, but I was able to jump out of the last level without triggering the win screen

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yea there are a few things to fix up with the map collisions, if your velocity is too high you can clip out. Also just tried level 4 and was able to jump out of level on the top platform by jumping backwards :p

Im in love with the art style used for this !

Well done !

Hey thanks for the kind words!